My Summer Beauty Must Haves

It's mid August and we finally have Summer weather- yipee! When the temps get into the 90s it becomes very hard to stay cute. Between heat rashes, sweat and frizzy hair you can go from 100 to 0 as soon as you step out of your crib. You can't escape NYC heat but I do have a couple of products thatwill help you stay cute.

Everyone swears by Baby Oil Gel, I'm not one of them. This multipurpose product is my new fascination. It's a blend of Ginseng, Walnut, Carrot, Almond , Jojoba and Kiwi Oil. I have used it in baths, pre shampoo treatments and also on my body. Light and soothing, it isn't messy and doesn't have a residue. It works wonders on the back of your heel. Retailing at $3 makes it even better!

Tress Tranzitions Maximum Hold Setting Lotion

I refuse to blow-out my hair until Labor Day. The last time I did, within a matter of hours I was a puffy princess. For the summer, I have been going au natural with a little help of a wet set pin curl and a really great setting lotion from Lottabody. Maximum hold it does and keeps my frizz to a minimum. I pour it directly on my hair while it's still wet and then proceed to pin. Once dry, I get soft voluminous curls. Another fab and frugal find at $5.

L'oreal H.I.P. Highlighter

We know how much I love to sparkle and this pot of gold does it for my face. The worse thing to see in the summer is a face full of make up. Keep it sexy and just add a little bit of glitz to your face!

Perfume can be a killer in the summer. Most of the time the alcohol doesn't work with the humidity nor the higher dosages our sweat glands give off. To still preserve my sexy, I dab a few drops on key body parts to still add some sweetness to my body. At $16 it's a little pricey but it goes a long way. This will be my third summer and only about an eighth has been used.

Use these products and you will be sexy in this summer heat! Stay tuned tomorrow for some upcoming Sample Sales and Loehmann's gossip!