Fashion Week Review:The Good, The Blah and The Fugly

Sara Shepard S/S 2010

Ask any industry insider about Fashion Week and you will get a majority reply. Eye rolls, sighs but an agreement that they can't stay away. I will contest that I behave in the same manner. The last weeks of August I get super excited and start planning outfits, shows and parties but by day 3, I am over the crashers, goodie bag thieves, annoying interns, pseudo designers, modelizers, grannies and the very draining hanger ons. Fashion Week is all about waiting and waiting and waiting and then observing. The real fashion, the actual show is all of 12 minutes max.

Geren Ford S/S 2010

The runway presentation is an easy way to see a designer's clothing move and drape on an actual person; the model. Although, models standing around posing is another form of showing a collection, I am not always moved by it, but I am a traditionalist. In my eight days of Fashion overkill I was able to pull together a sort of list, a sort of Shop, Eat and Sleep Review. Here is part one:

Celeb Most Spotted During Fashion Week


I spotted Estelle at the Rachel Roy pop up shop, during Fashion's Night Out. I bumped into her at the tents on Day three and caught a glimpse of her at MJB's party at the Gucci store. She looked fun and fashionable and she has a great personality I love the Brits!

Best Hair on Runway
The Models at the Style 360 Walter S/S 2010 show

Walter S/S 2010
Walter S/S 2010

The Hair team at the Walter show did the most amazing braid I have seen below 125th Street. I even tried it at home and failed miserably. It was part Botticelli Venus, part flower child, part LC and I loved it!

Best Drink
Chambord and Champagne at the Tents
Another season another sponsorship by Chambord. Standing in 6 inch heels on cobblestone, being herded like cattle, a good aperitif will make everything feel better.

Best Trend That Will Not Leave

Jorge Isaac S/S 2010
Jorge Isaac S/S 2010

Walter, Jorge Isaac, Pamela Rolland, Reebok. My favorite form of embellishment is not going to stay in the back of the closet. Oh no, it has made a return to the runway for a consecutive fourth season. Get use to it, sequin is the new black!

Best Off site Show
Tie: Kimberly Ovitz and Jorge Isaac

Kimberly Ovitz S/S 2010
Kim Ovitz has gotten tons of press recently for her line. Her presentation at Milk Studios brought out the big guns, I spotted the entire Bergdorf Buying team and a few socialites. That translates into many things and they are all positive.

Jorge Isaac presented an amazing drool worthy collective on just four hot girls. His color palette of mint and nude was impressive as were the fluid and form fitting fashions!

Jorge Isaac S/S 2010

Stay Tuned for part 2 tomorrow, when I present Best Party, Styled Show and Oddest runway celeb!