The September Issue

With the help of Cable vision, I was able to to see The September Issue by RJ Cutler. Let's make it short because I have to get Wear Your Real Hair Day and Fashion Night Out. It' s okay, I don't go gaga over Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington is an amazing character. I like The Last Emperor better but for free you can't beat it.

Tyra has proclaimed September 9th as Wear Your Real Hair Day. For me everyday is wear your real hair and ironically I was going to get a weave today but I actually postponed it until later this month, stay tuned to my Unbeweavble Extravaganza.

Moving along to more substantial events, tomorrow Thursday September 10th is Fashion Night Out. Let's boost the economy and show these morons on Wall Street that CDO Evaluators suck and let the people's wallets talk. Click here for a listing of stores participating. Anna Wintour will kick off at the Macy's in Queens, and a tons of other fashionistas will be running wild thru the streets of New York. Check for me on Twitter during fashion week.