SYMS, Snobs and Shaun

photo courtesy of Hartley Family

In today's Fashion & Style section of the Times, writer Mike Albo visits SYMS. Tears form in my eye when I think of SYMS, as it was a major shopping destination of my departed Grandfather. Known to his grandchildren as Greggreddy and to his children as Drag, he was truly a fashion snob. A true Southern gentlemen, he still believed in Barney's, Borsolino and Cadillacs. Neither flashy nor fake, Herman, to his peers, believed in quality over quantity. He was also open to taking risks, if you call the Gap a risk, but he was open.

SYMS was a major destination for him. It was to my gradfather as to how I feel about Daffy's. SYMS' motto is An Educated Consumer is our Best Consumer. As many men of my grandfather's generation, he purchased a few suits every ten years and once I even accompanied him. SYMS wasn't exactly on my young fashionista radar but, upon entering I saw like many other retail destinations, there is a certain customer for every shop. I laugh at loud to this day, when I whispered to my grandmother that all the men in SYMS looked like my grandfather. Yes, all of them Asian, Jewish, Arab had that same look of a quality oriented man ready to drop some change. So today's post is in memory of Greggreddy and his influence on my own fashion sense. Thanks again Drag!

P.S. I'm taking off for a couple of days. I'll be back after the holiday pumped and accessorized for Fashion Week!