A Cure For Ash

Hello! I hope it has been worth the wait! It has been super chilly and when the weather gets like this, it causes super havoc to our skin. Have no fear, Lil' Miss No Ash is here to confide in you my newest secret to stay baby soft in the brrrr months. Vaseline Sheer Infusion has got to be one of the best lotions to hit the market in a minute. To all my sisters, we all know that when the temperature drops we have to double up with lotions, potions, butters, gels, Vaseline, etc all to stop chafing. Well, Sheer Infusion is the twofer we have been waiting for. I ran an experiment, just Sheer Infusion after the shower, nothing else. After hitting the mean and cold streets, I returned home to smooth, soft, supple and non dry skin. This is when science and beauty really do an amazing job and on top of me feeling like a baby soft seductive princess, Vaseline Sheer Infusion is wallet friendly. I am talking about $6 for the smaller size and $9 for the larger one. Also, a little goes a long way. Run do not even think of walking to your local drugstore to pick this up. You will save money and revitalize your body's largest organ, your skin!