Getting Ready for Winter

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I don't know about you, but Summer was brief as hell, and well I don't remember Fall at all. Yes, readers, Winter is gonna be long and hellish. How do you handle long and hellish, try to be as fly as possible and here are a few tips to add some pizazz to your Winter wardrobe.

Clean your Coat

There is nothing worse than seeing a coat with previous season's dirt. This is a major major faux pas. Old dirt can actually eat away at the fabric and provide nutrients for bedbugs as well as moths. Run don't walk to your dry cleaner and get your coat(s) professionally cleaned and also get any buttons, tears, rips handled as well.

Repair Your Shoes

I will be the first to admit, once the warm weather comes, I drop my winter boots in a box and don' t look at them until now. Shame on me! Like coats, winter boots and shoes need to be handled with care. Dirt and grime corrode leather. Spend the weekend schlepping to the Shoe Repair and while you are getting lifts, also look to getting some waterproofing and a shine for good fortune.

Add Some Pop With Your Winter Accessories

I love gloves and hats and scarves. Don't even get me started on my leather scarf from Banana Republic going on its 9th winter- how do I love thee. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in a generic black cap looking like a longshoreman. Or even worse those acrylic gloves you buy little kids in bulk. I'm not telling you to go out and drop a grip on a hat. I will tell you that one of the best ways to add some pop to your winter coat is with an accent item like a hot pink pashmina off the street for $5. That splash of color will lift your spirits up a notch or three!

Take Care of Your Skin and Hair

Winter is ruthless on your face and hair. That dewiness from Summer is now cracked lips and dry ends. Always have hand lotion and lip moisturizer in your bag. As a matter of fact, I run to my favorite 99 cents store and purchase about 5 lip balms and hand lotions and place them in all of my bags. That way I am never without. While you are at the 99 cents store, you know those bottles of Grapeseed oil and Vitamin E, they are also great for your face and hair. In regards to hair, I strongly suggest, moisture moisture moisture. As well as avoid heat. Deep condition, hot oil treatments and apply lightweight moisture to your ends on a regular basis. Also, instead of a curling iron, try pin curls for volume.

Don't Fall Into A Funk

The Seasons are unavoidable. Embrace them as if they where beach days. Winter is just as much fun as Summer. It's all about making the best of it!
Miss Journey said...

I couldn't agree with this more! We got cheated out of a full summer, and fall...(has anyone seen the pleasant breeze of fall?), but here comes the big bad wolf of winter. :-(
I'm working on a similar piece of my own. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.