About Face

I like makeup, correction, I love make-up. The entire length and width of my dresser is covered with glosses, shadows and blushes. My make up comes from gift bags, drugstores, Sephora, gifts with purchase and department store splurges. Sometimes, I have on a face full of drugstore makeup and sometimes it's a face full of luxury brands. One thing is that like my outfits, you will never see me in the same face twice. I refuse to get into a make-up rut and end up with the same old face all the time. Ladies you know what I am talking about. . Whether it's a party, interview or wedding, you rock the same old C3 Studio Fix, and Oh Baby gloss. Sometimes you may pop some frosty eyeshadow on those lids but for all purposes you are in a beauty rut.

How do you get out of it you say- well check out my tips below and hopefully, your inner chameleon will come out!

Go Pro
This is the time you utilize the professionals at department stores or free standing stores. I've had magnificent experiences at the Nars counters in Saks and Bloomy's. Thinking about a red lip, they will show you the best reds for your complexion. Want a smoky eye, a counter person can do this in their sleep. Just remember, if it looks good, then buy it!

Go Cheap
Drugstores and discount retailers like Walmart are all the best places to experiment on a budget. CVS and Rite-Aid are known for great sales as well flexible return policies. So if you been wanting to try blue eyeliner run over to the Jordana section and purchase it for less than $2 bucks. If it doesn't work, keep the receipt and get your money back.

Go Play
Free time is the best time to play around with beauty products. Nothing on TV, or your Mom is running her mouth on the other end, play in some makeup. Put some gloss over those eyelids, try some orange blush and take some pics of yourself. Your mirrors don't lie, and you can walk around the house in your best face.

I hope Beauty Week has given you a some decent tips and product suggestions. Stay tuned for more tips, and trends next week!
Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv make-up too and this post I especially LUV! Thanks!:))