Baths are Beyond!

Living in such a fast paced city with a hectic schedule, finding time to take a bath is really a luxury. Think about it, you have run the water to the right temperature, wait until it fills the tub and you have a deep pre-war tub like mine, it takes some time. On top of that to justify all the the time the water ran, you have to sit in the tub at least 20 minutes.

Sorry, I didn't paint the prettiest picture for a bath so maybe we should visualize the surge of relaxation the warm water gives you. Or how you can sleep like a baby afterwards. Any sore muscles, a bath can help. During Fashion Week, with the standing in high heels, the running all around town, dancing at after parties, gift bags weighing more than a toddler my body starts to ache. So every night as soon as I walked into my home, I ran some lukewarm water a few squirts of Chocolate bubble bath midway to the tub and soaked my legs and feet. I also used a body brush from the 99 cents store to increase blood flow, and sooth my calves.

Every night I slept like a baby and woke up invigorated. Baths have amazing properties and are one of the most simplest forms of luxury. Time in itself is a luxury and doing nothing but soaking your body is a major luxury. Here are a few products I use specifically for bath time.

Listen just because it's for a baby doesn't mean I can't use it. With both Lavender and chamomile in it's ingredients, both known to relax the body, it is also not harsh on skin and one or two squirts will fill the entire tub!

A staple at any drugstore or 99 cents store. Epsom salt eases pain and muscle tension when used as a soak. It also draws toxins from the body. I like to pour 2 cups into a running bath for the best results.

Skin is the largest organ and there some spots we can't always get to. For example the middle of your back. A body brush not only exfoliates, but it stimulates circulation. I buy my brushes from Jack's 99 cents store, they are the best!

So what you waiting for, get yourself a box of Calgon, let it take you away and just luxuriate!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! THANK YOU for this post it's solely just what I need 24/7!:))

Miss Journey said...

Chocolate bubble bath?! You had me there! What kind and where do you get that? I've always wanted to do one of those chocolate treatments at spas, so this seems like the next best thing in the meantime.