How to Make Your Mani Last

Chips, peels can really kill your manicure. The darker the polish, the more noticeable. I have even picked up a sort of no red polish phobia because of my fear of imperfect nails. Have no fair ladies I have a few tips for making your manicure last.

1. Bring Your Own Polish

There are two major reasons you should bring your own polish, health and potency. Salons harbor lots of germs so I always bring my own kit which includes polish. Who knows how long those polishes have been in the salon. Also, salons are notorious foR stretching out their polishes with acetone. When a polish is stretched out with chemicals it weakens it, making your mani easier to chip.

2. Allow Time to Dry Between Coats

Salons don't always give you this privilege. They are trying to get you in and out with the quickness but always try to at least get near a fan in between coats so that polish has enough to dry before another layer is added.

3. Topcoat is Your Friend

Applying topcoat daily is one of the best ways to make your mani last. A light application will be a barrier from water, and work, the two major enemies of your manicure.

4. You May Have to Drop a Little More Dough

Frugal Franny that I am, when it comes to nail polish I almost mess with three brands, OPI, Essie and Sally Hansen. The $1 ones never last especially if it's a color, you can lie in state and still get chips. I am a sucker for a sale but sorry, nail polish I go a little Luxe.

5. Protect Yourself

With H1N1 out there I would be a damn fool to say limit washing your hands. I will say that water and work are the two enemies of a manicure. If you wash dishes or find yourself cleaning, always wear a pair of super duper cleaning gloves. That goes for moving or gardening as well.

Follow these five tips and your Manicure is guaranteed to have a longer life- Stay tuned for more post on beauty this week!
Miss Journey said...

Great tips. Mental note taken.