In the Search of a Flat

New Yorkers walk more than any other Americans. I can contest, I love to walk. Driving is forbidden in my world, and taxis are a luxury. Don't get me wrong a fly ass high heel does get a lot of action but a great flat is always needed. I am currently on a search for a new pair of flats and I am 0-0. Either, it's to funky, to expensive, to flat- yes flats can be to flat or to delicate. Talk about disappointing. With incentive after incentive I still can't decide on a pair. I've been to Saks, Zappos, Zara, Daffy's, Loehmann's, and Gucci and still coming up dry. It's been so bad that I had one of two of my favorite pairs, resoled for $30 bucks almost half of what I paid for the shoe- uuugh. I've been surfing the net and I think I may have to concede and narrow it down to one of these three pairs.


Saks Gucci Bamboo Ballerina $450

These are super comfy but I don't know about price.


Pour La Victoire $195

They're embellished which is always a plus. The suede can be a killer if I get caught in the rain.

Low Lumiani $86.70

My grandmother loves patent leather. My only fear is that they will take forever to break in.

What do you think is the best for me?