Keep That Pout Puckerin

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lips are the gate! With Winter right around the corner, chapped and dry lips are a major beauty faux pas. Have no fear, I have a few tips from keeping your pout from looking like Tyrone Biggums.

1. Lips Are a Part of Your Skincare Regimen

How quick we are to wash our face and apply creams and potions for our eyes, necks, etc and leave our lips out of it. Whether it's day or night, give your lips a quick exfoliation with your toothbrush and as soon as you get out of the shower apply lip balm. Don't wait until you get out of the house to apply.

2. Nighttime is the Best Time

I learned a great tip from a make-up artist. Before going to bed, dab some olive oil on your lips. While you sleep, the body is rejuvenating itself. Which includes, absorbing potions and shedding dead skin. I tried this remedy for a week and my lips look great.

3. Whatever You Do Don't Lick 'Em!

Once your lips get dry they need a topical ointment, and sorry saliva is not! If all else fails and you don't have balm around, get a sip of something to temporarily solve your lip horrors!

4. Buy Balm in Bulk

I keep lip balm and chap stick in every single purse as well as lotion. I don't go all out and drop big bucks. Actually, ever year around this time, I buy about 5 lip balms at the 99 cent store and replace them in all my pocketbooks. That way I am never without.

5. SPF and Vitamin E are Your Friends

As you purchase any new lip cosmetics; i.e. pencils, balms, glosses and lipsticks ask if there is any Sunscreen and additional moisturizers such as Vitamin E added. We often forget to apply sunscreen to our lips for fear we'll look ashy as well as the horrid taste. Most lip color especially lipstick has SPF of at least 10 added as well as moisturizers like Vitamin E and Grape seed Oil. These are great topical additions to keep your mouth super sexy in the colder months!

Follow these five tips and you are guaranteed to preserve your sexy and keep your pucker poppin! Stay tuned for more tips on skin, hair and body during Beauty Week!