A Lil' Cross Dressing

No, I am not channeling my inner Chaz Bono, take it easy. Nor am I suggesting you throw away all of your dresses and sequins and starting looking all CrazySexyCool. With all the masculine elements this season as well as next, adding a dash of menswear would be a great style boost. Am I suggesting you go into full on drag no, but nothing is wrong with a boy's fitted blazer, a vest or even a men's white button down for a stylish lady a little bored with her wardrobe. My most recent obsession is this tuxedo jacket shown here in the most recent H&M magazine.

I can just imagine it with a tee and a pair of sequin leggings. I've already put the pic on my inspiration board and hopefully this will be my New Year's Eve outfit. What I love in this pic is that she still looks like a lady, smokey eye, bracelet, bright mouth, chandelier earring. Keep your menswear interesting, the boyfriend jean and blazer is everywhere and everyone is wearing it. To avoid looking like every other Parsons student, I suggest you not go for the obvious. Instead, if you are suffering from a style rut throw on your bf's button down if it's not super huge, and keep it lady like with tousled hair and maybe a red lip. Add a pinstripe vest over a pencil skirt. By the way, the boys get very excited when they see a lady with a dash of menswear. Style Tip : On your next shopping adventure, head over to the men's department or if you are tiny, try the boys and see if you can add some masculine kick to your look.
Gerri Ward said...

WOW! I luv this Tux it's solely elegant and paired with a pair of sequin leggings now that ROCKS!:))