The Bluest Eyelashes

photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

In her former life, my mother was a make-up artist. She plays in more make-up than I do. Here's a little known fact, she has been rocking blue and green eyeliner on her lower lid before Ashanti, Megan Fox and Rihanna were even born!

Mom's newest discovery and one of her best to date is, Victoria's Secret Rush Beauty Mascara in Indiglow. I've been searching for a blue mascara and was going to drop 30 plus bucks because I was giving up hope on finding a cheap one. Mom Dukes saved the day-for like the 10,585th time- do the math! Indiglow, goes on smooth, gives my lashes that perfect tint of blue, and adds length and dimension for only $7. What better way to kick up your Holiday Beauty? For the subtle effect of Indiglow, I lined my bottom lid with blue eyeliner and on my top lid, a light swipe of bronzer. I was so excited, I ran out and bought another color over the weekend, Violight. Blue and purple mascara, will help me channel my Debbie Harry meets Grace Jones meets Diana Ross look for the holidays!

VS's beauty line makes for great stocking stuffers. It's a great inexpensive and amazing line. Head over to the site or stop by your nearest VS shop to add some glam to your face.
Stay tuned, for a major guest blogger this week and tips on what to wear to your holiday party!
Gerri Ward said...

WOW! Thank You, this I must try!:))

Melissa.Danielle said...

I've been wearing Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue ($7.99) for a few years now. I find it to be a little too wet.

How's the consistency?