Book 'Em For The Holidays

To some it's Black Friday to others it's the night before Thanksgiving but for me, the first of December is the official kick off to the holidays. As we rally into the holidays, Shop, Eat and Sleep will be here of course, to help you enjoy the holidays in the best way. Whether, advice on holiday party fashions or gifts for yourself or others, it will all be here. I am kicking the season off with today's gift idea post, stay tuned for daily Holiday inspiration!

There hasn't been this much excitement since the Kennedys took office. Michele Obama has won world wide acclaim for her fashion choices and has captured the world with new definitions of style, beauty and femininity. Just in time for the holiday season comes, Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy, a comprehensive review and summary of our First Lady's fashion choices. Written by Mary Tomer, a well respected blogger, this is an amazing stocking stuffer. If you are a true Obamaphile, Tomer will be at Bloomingdale's this Friday signing copies, I suggest you line up and buy two, one for yourself and one for your fashionable loved one!