Get A Sample For Me Too!

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Blogger extraordinaire and street style stalker, Scott Schuman, of the blockbuster blog The Sartorialist, has compiled all of his snapshots of international fashion mavens into paperback form. I picked up my copy last week and it has become my new form of porn. Like the blog, the book is light on text and heavy on stunning imagery. One thing I wasn't expecting was wardrobe inspiration (more on that later). Both my Mom and Dad flipped through it as well and were very impressed with the cornucopia of chic!

If you have a fab fashionista friend, The Sartorialist (Paperback) will make a great gift! Head over to Amazon to pick up a copy or two.

Pssssssst! If you are looking to grab a few outfits that will make The Sartorialist take your pic, head over to the DVF and Alice + Olivia Sample Sale happening this week.


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