A Load of Glitz

Parties, dinners and more parties are all part of the Holiday season. It never fails year after year that I hear, what should I wear? Have no fear, I spotted just the right fab and frugal piece that will help you ring in the holidays feeling flirty and feisty.

3/4 Sleeve Sequin Blazer from Forever 21

At $32 bucks, this is a major steal. Add a grey or black tank underneath and voila- sparkly stunning. This is a piece that I see selling out very soon. So head over to every fashionista's guilty pleasure now before it's too late. Ladies, this is not a piece just for the holidays, look at this as an investment to your evening wear wardrobe.
Miss Journey said...

I've noticed that the glitz has taken over. I saw a bit of it in H & M back in the summer and with the approaching holiday season it just took over Joyce Leslie. It's so much fun though. Sequins certainly put you in a celebrating mood :-)