Magical Oil

Last week I did some last minute gift shopping at the L'Oreal Friends and Family sale. It's bi-annual and I load up on tons of lotions and potions for Mom, Grandma and of course moi. They have a good amount of Kiehl's products, usually lotions, shower gels and some cosmetics, primarily lip glosses. This time around I didn't go crazy, I was rather tame to be exact but I did fall upon a great beauty discovery. Behold

Argan Oil is one of Mother Nature's best emollients. Click here for a post on it earlier this year. Well, Argan doesn't come cheap and I was getting cheap real cheap with the little bit I had left. When I saw this bad boy at the F&F sale, I jumped on it. The other shoppers had not a clue what they were passing up. For one, the price was insane, $15 for something usually $44. While you are buying a body cream, a face scream and hair products, multi purpose, Argan Oil smooths hair, restore moisture to face and revitalizes dry winter cheeks and lips. Hope in 8.0 fluid ounces. I am gaga over it and I'm applying it to the ends of my hair at night. It's is also an amazing sealant on top of my face moisturizer before I brave the windy outdoors. New product, new beauty discovery, this may have to go in my top ten of the year!