Making Fido Fierce!

You live well, you give great gifts to friends and family but don't forget about Fido this season. The Shabby Dog, is my latest discovery. It's an online shopping mecca that carries an amazing line of fun, practical and fashionable accessories for your pet. I scouted a few of my favorites and I can't wait to get Spotty in a few!

My favorite is the Hands Free Dog Walking Cuff. Balance that cup of Joe and still keep your pooch on a leash all while you and your doggie look as cute as possible.

With funny sayings like "Been There, Sniffed That!" These Graphic Tees make great statements for your pooch and conversation starters for other pet lovers.

Adorn your little princess with these cute bows. With assorted colors, you can go have lots of fun dressing up your furry friend!

Have a great Christmas! I'll be back next week with some tips for NYE and a few of my favorite post of the year! XOXO!