Stay Slim For The Holidays

The holidays hit us in our pockets and our waistlines in a New York minute. So how does one maintain their figure in the season of eggnog, holiday parties and prime rib? First up the CMint, a healthy and delicious way to curb those cravings during the holiday season. So if you're feeling guilty about slinking into that dress for New Year's, CMint is the way to go. Click here for more info.

Are you wondering what to get your fitness fanatic fried for the holidays? Have no fear, the 2010 New York Fitness and Yoga Passbook is the way to go. For just $79 the most die hard workout junkie will have access to major heath clubs, yoga classes and fitness studios throughout the year. Some of the participants include Crunch, David Barton's Gym, Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Jazzercise and my personal favorite, Exotic Dance Central. This is a great way to get fit in the New Year and with all the variety, there's no way you could get bored with your workout. For details and to purchase click here.

Stay tuned this week for more post on what to get the 'tween fashionista for the holidays as well as more Sample Sales and Target's newest Go Collection. Stay dry!