Dollar Store Beauty Secrets

If you know me, Dollar stores are my refuge. I like to experiment with at home beauty treatments using Dollar store products. My most recent trip got me super inspired and I picked up brown sugar, baby oil and coffee. To some I know this may throw you off but that is what I am here for.
Brown Sugar mixed with baby oil is an amazing exfoliate on my feet. Mix two spoons of brown sugar and a spoon of baby oil place on a pumice stone and watch how you can revive your poor little feet to it's former soft and ticklish self. Raw sugar is an amazing exfoliate, one of Mother Nature's beauty bangs. The baby oil, is an emollient making it the pumice stone to foot friction slightly easier. Try it, the next time you shower and your feet with thank me!

Coffee is my secret to fatigued and exhausted legs. Combine, a sadistic like aerobics trainer, 18 hour days running around for a shoot, and you have got some tired ass gams. Most nights, I'll run a nice bath to calm my muscles but I really just wanted to hit the bed, ASAP. Instead, I placed coffee straight out of the package on to my bath brush and massaged my legs and thighs and voila, my legs felt alive again. Caffeine is a stimulant and it increases blood flow. What better way to get your supper exhausted legs a revitalising boost?

The Dollar Store is filled with inspiring ways to increase your quality of life, and maintain budget sanity. Nothing like playing ghetto chemist at home. So next time you're in the Dollar store, take another look at some of those products see how you can put them to use in some odd ways. Olive Oil for your hair, chamomile tea for those under eye bags, the sky is the limit for preserving your sexy and your budget.