Get a Leg Up

It took me quite some before I decided to get on board with the whole leggings thing. I've had so many hesitations including the fact that I just considered leggings to be worn by the out of shape, toddlers or professional dancers. Besides my stockpile of sequin and one pair of liquid leather leggings, which are soon going to be retired. Mostly, I think I've feared getting on the legging bandwagon because I was visually damaged from the stirrup rocking 80's and 90's.

For the New Year, I have become a legging convert. I gave in reluctantly, but I gave in. With giving in, I started searching my local retailers and cheapo stores. Danice and Pretty Girl were my first stops and they failed me. They carried the leggings that I had been avoiding. You know the thin as hell type, that you can see your underwear they are so sheer. Or even worse, the Capri length are killers as well. Tight spandex cutting you mid calf is not a good look. I also did Macy's, Zara and of course H&M, all to no avail. I was getting ready to give up when I made my weekly trip to Forever 21 and what did I discover but these.

Yep, long and thick, I grabbed up a couple of pairs of these bad boys and it's been all gravy since. Another fab and frugal find and although it took me some time to get on board but it looks like leggings are going to become my wardrobe staple!