The Gift That Keeps on Giving

photo courtesy of insidesocal

AAAAH the gift card, one of life's most underapreciated tools to fab! An associate of mine laughed at how she had let two gift cards expire because she couldn't get around to shopping. I wanted to reach over the table and shake her for the many sins she had committed. The first being she was wasteful. Seriously, how could you have not found a use for a gift card? She triggered something in me so strong, I felt compelled to blog. A gift card is like a blank check, okay I may be exaggerating but, really, it's a monetary unit that can be used to get what you really like. Unlike actual gifts, say an ugly sweater from Great Aunt Sally, gift cards have no strings attached. Even if you regift it, no one will know. Gift cards from Visa and Amex are even better because, you can literally pay for anything with them. I have paid utilities with an Amex gift card ,oh yes I have!)

Since we are coming off of the holiday season boys and girls, go thru your gift cards and place them in your wallet. If you have them with you, your chances of using them go up, way up! Even better, pull out those old ones and check the value online. If you are sitting on a pile of money, why aren't you putting it to good use?