Legs Don't Lie

A friend from middle school hit me with a major throwback the other day. Of all the things to remember me by in our years as awkward yet, gifted geeks, he remembered my love for very interesting hosiery. Tights stockings whatever you want to call it, I would rock some pretty leg gear. Some days, it would be floral, thunderbolts, even happy faces. The dean gave me a little chat once, due to me rocking fishnets and platforms, but hey I was before my time. We wore uniform and as I tell people, grades 6-8 were rough as hell on my fashion life due to the uniform. You were limited with the uniform and our individuality was suppressed, which I think was the point. Separating myself from the pack is my modus operandi. Funny enough as we fast forward to my adult years. I still have a love for stockings, I'm not as zany now. Conservative never! I have maybe 20 pairs of fishnet, which I consider to be my staples, followed by a matte black and the rest is just a hodgepodge of textures and different takes off on fishnet. One thing you will never, ever catch me in, nude or beige, uuuugh! I would rather rock a thick layer of ash, than a pair of nude color stockings. Of course, my mom was the one who to this day keeps my stocking game above and beyond. She bought me that first pair of floral tights, and the pair I rocked yesterday. Thanks Mom for all the years of buying hardcore hosiery and thanks Casey for making take a stroll down memory lane!