Miss New Beauty

One of my dear friend is declaring 2010 as the year of getting her beauty regime together. She's already booked an appointment to see a top notch dermatologist. On New Year's day she hit me up with a plight that many of us suffer from, dry lips. For Beauty Week, I did a post about lip care and she had been following it but, she still found her mouth to be dry especially in the morning. I told her about my newest/oldest discovery for lip care, which I had been meaning to share with ya'll.

Clinique All About Lips

Clinique does it again, with All About Lips as another beauty must have. I love my olive oil on the lips before I go to bed like the next person but, sometimes the smell can be a little overpowering. All About Lips is an oldie but goodie, that I learned about many many moons ago. It keeps my pucker oh so pretty and it has no scent, which is a necessity for me with any skincare. Another fab friend of mine insist that it also minimizes wrinkles, which along with restoring moisture, makes it a beauty necessity.