Pretty n Pink

I've had these since 2005. Oh yeah, I've always been on this sequin, beading embellishment thing since 1983 to be exact. When I bought these pink stunners here, I remember like it was yesterday. I was prepping for a shoot and needed a little retail therapy for myself. Lo and behold, I snatched up these Dolce & Gabbana stunners up before anyone could get them. I had to get them, they were calling my name, and I believe they wanted to come home with me right then and there. No other home would have appreciated them as much as I have. They were a fashion coup! At the time they were a pretty good price and I used my Loehmann's coupons to make it go from a coup to a steal. When I wear them, they make me feel super sexy.Wearing them with jeans turn heads but, Dolce & Gabbana made them to be worn with form fitting dresses with tons of cleavage. So, of course a few times, I've had to pull out the full screen siren sex bombshell outfit because the shoes made me do it.