Rock n Rolla

Rihanna is hands down one of a few celebs whose style I really admire. Riri has even influenced a few purchases I've made recently. I wanted to rev up my style a little. I've been owning the whole Black Jackie Onassis look for some time. Honestly, I am never going to give that up, plus a little quirk but, recently I've been loving this whole Rock n Rolla movement. Think Balmain, Micheal Jackson, Grace Jones, David Bowie all wrapped into one. H&M has the whole rock n rolla movement down pack. Recently, I picked up these two dresses that are really my way of channelling Rock n Rolla. It's inspired by Riri a little Gaga and a lil glam rock. Stop by your local H&M to pick up these glam rock dresses!

Close up, chain gang!

Who needs accesories when your dress has a necklace?

Super fierce rock n rolla!