Who Wears The Pants?

photo courtesy of Fashion Feen Files

I have a problem with pants, serious problems. The number issue is room in the thigh, followed by length. I can eyeball a pair of trousers and know that they won't get past my kneecaps because, the thigh is narrower than a LES Alley. Length can be ridiculous, I 'm too lanky for petites and a quote unquote regular length has so much damn material, I could make another pair of pants. I have settled on two brands that have made my pants wardrobe complete Theory, and Express. Since this blog is dedicated to being fab and frugal with a hold on frugal, I will honestly tell you that I only play with Theory on a major markdown, or even better at a visit to an outlet.

Express, is my affordable pant option. The Editor, is my dream fit. I swear the design team must have said, there is a woman out there who is a little fuller on the bottom, a lil bootylicous, still lean, average height and voila, The Editor pant was created. Whenever I purchase a pair of Editors, the only extra money I have to shell out is for dry cleaning. No tailor, no trimmings, just the basics. The Editor has the perfect hip to waist ratio with a little room and the length is perfect great in a flat as well as high heel. The rise is just right, no tension lines and the butt! The butt is amazing, perfectly placed pockets, no bulky extra fabric, just straight great booty!

Theory does make a great pant, if not one of the best but when you are watching your coins, Express' The Editor is your go to bottom!