Good bye Sweet Tents

Isaac Mizrahi FW 2010

No sequin. no fur, no big shades. Instead, I have spent the past few days in varying forms of sweats. I am catching up on The Olympics and scrubbing my tub, sounds crazy right, nah it's my post Fashion Week slowdown. Not only did I have to say a sad farewell until September but, in addition I had to bid adieu to The Tents at Bryant Park. For ten years, I've been looking forward to heading up those steps on Sixth Avenue and 41st street with fire and giving the photographers life. Come September, the tents will move to Lincoln Center a little over a mile north from Bryant Park but a major major difference. Change is good, and I am looking forward to catching a show and then heading to Fairway afterwards.

One of my last shows on the last day which made me cry was Isaac Mizrahi. Aaah, Isaac has had an amazing career with lumps and bumps making him the comeback kid, the underdog and top dog all in one decade. Fall Winter for Isaac was a production, a return to his roots in UnZipped, one of the most amazing fashion documentaries. How I would have loved to see Naomi or Linda sashay down the runway. It was UnZipped that inspired me to sneak into The Tents during Winter break while still a high school student. I took it all in and watched editors whiz by me and I promised myself, that I would one day enter those tents and attend shows as a legit fashionista. It didn't take long, Fall 2000 was my first fashion week, I was working for a designer who was showing. I loved every minute and returned every season for more.

Winter 2010 marks a many a season for myself and many others. One thing I know is fashion can be anywhere, it's not about size, location or price. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will breath life and a little bit more fun to the Upper West Side. In final words, I will say is so long Bryant Park, hello Lincoln Center.