Hair 911

My hair tangles, I sometimes fear the post shampoo comb out because it becomes a painful hot mess. As the years have passed, I've picked up a few tips on easing the tangles. For one, I comb and brush my hair before I hit the salon. That works to a certain extent but my issue was really after I get that last wash. I would still get the massive tangles. I tried everything, light blotting with the towel, numerous detangling leave in conditioners and my hair would still interlock like ivy.

Overnight, my tangles took a dive with just one product, Emergencia. A Dominican Salon staple, Emergencia made my last wash and set heaven. It was part of my overnight pre-poo treatment. The fortifying treatment from Hispaniola, was in my hair for 12 plus hours and it really worked wonders. The comb past through my locks with an ease like no other. The stylist even remarked the lack of tangles.

Emergencia has even more benefits than just detangling. It lowers the risk of breakage, coats the cuticle which leaves an amazing shine. Now a beauty regime staple, I visited my local beauty supply store to purchase a large vat of Emergencia in case of an Emergency- ha! If you suffer from massive tangles, make Emergencia part of your beauty pantry staple, you will thank me!