How Big Girls Play Dress Up

photo courtesy of The Outfitters

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is upon us in less than 48 hours and besides being excited to see great trends and clothes for next Fall, I am uber excited to see who is wearing what. There are a few die-hard fierce mommas that I live to see every fashion week. My top lady is Anna Dello Rosso, the fiercest of the fierce.

Anna, lives for fashion. She lives to dress up and catch your breath with the flyest most stunning outfits. Many bloggers including The Sartorialist, Jak and Jil and Garance Dore love capturing Anna in all her glitterati. In a recent article Anna stated she sets out about 90 outfits during the twice yearly marathon of New York-London-Paris and Milan collections. Anna gains so many cool points it's like she's a friend in my head. Unlike many other pseudo fashionsiatas, Anna buys almost everything she wears, and insist on taking her street style seriously, in fact she says it's a job.

photo courtesy of morethanjustafriend

Like Anna, I too have seriously plotted out my fashion week outfits. Although, Anna has one hotel room just for her wardrobe, I work on a smaller scale.

This is my wardrobe rack in my apartment. I have daytime outfits and nighttime outfits. Tonight, I will layout jewelery and bags. Hopefully, this upcoming blizzard will be more like a dusting and I won't have to scramble and modify what has taken me three days to plan to perfection. Oh well, stay tuned and you will see!