Pret-A-Porter For Real Life

photo courtesy of Banana Republic

I absolutely positively refuse to take a long time to get ready. I max at 45 minutes for special occasions, 25 tops for regular days, and that includes shower and makeup. Friends and family are usually in amazement when after confirming the time and place to meet, I'm there face beat and everything. I finally let my secret out a week ago to a friend, it's called Pret-A-Porter, which is French for Ready-To-Wear.

Ready-To-Wear means exactly what it is, having clothes that are ready to wear. My mom calls it Jump -In-Wear. To many of you it's a tried and true go to safe outfit. It's all the same, keeping a few outfits for last minute occasions ready to be worn at a drop of a dime. So, when a good friend wants to do a last minute dinner, I can hop in the shower, do my makeup and then put on my dressy casual outfit.

Pret-A-Porter is composed of six pieces that make numerous outfits. Currently on rotation is a black cashmere turtleneck, a black and white grandpa cardigan, my infamous black Gap tuxedo jacket, a pair of super dark sexy jeans, and one fun but not to frilly dress. These few pieces make getting dressed and loving your outfit easy as 1-2-3! In addition, I try to rotate my Pret-A-Porter pieces often, I don't want to get into a style rut and end up wearing only 20% of my wardrobe. Which happens to so many people. With the ease of having a few go to outfits, you will see how stress free looking great is. Stay tuned tomorrow, for more info on how to find your own Pret-A-Porter pieces and how to kick them up a notch!