Pret-A-Porter Pas Deux

photo courtesy of J.Crew

Yesterday's post was an introduction to personal Pret-a-Porter, A.K.A., go to outfits, or jump-in wear. Today's post is all about the rules of Pret-a-Porter.

Comfort vs. Comforting
Reliables, classics and personal faves will almost always make up your Pret-a-Porter. It would only be right, figuring those are wardrobe pieces that you will feel the best in. Here is something to consider, you may feel great in it but do you really look great in it? Trick question, but let's make it simple, with extreme honesty ask yourself does this wardrobe piece make me look my best? There lies the difference between Pret-a-Porter and half stepping clothes.

My personal Pret-a-Porter consist of a few pieces that when combined, make about 5-6 different outfits. The key is working with interchangeable pieces that work well with one another. Every piece should compliment all the other pieces.

Subtle and Sedate
Due to it's familiarity and popularity, your Pret-a-Porter is going to be worn often, therefore you want to minimize how recognizable it is. You don't want people saying "Damn, there goes that purple/gold/green sequin gown again!" Going back to yesterday's post, my own Pret-a-Porter consist of neutrals; two black pieces, a black and white cardigan, super dark denim and one muted print dress. These pieces are going to be seen often and many times by the same people. Keep them cute but low key.

Pump It Up
Subtle and sedate can be boring. That's where accessories come into play. I like to jazz up my black turtleneck with a pair of huge gold earrings. That grandpa cardigan I was telling you about, I wrap a leather obi around my waist to kick it up a notch. Accessories, give Pret-a-Porter it's true personality. You can spend a little bit more time time finding the best bag and shoe for your outfit because, you already know what you're going to wear!

Where to buy Pret-a-Poter
Whether you have a bottomless budget or a tight one. The pieces that make up your ready to wear can come from anywhere. All that it should do is fit you well and be of the best quality. You're going to wear these pieces a lot, they should stand the test of times. All retailers carry great key pieces, whether it's Donna Karan or Forever 21. I do find The Gap, Banana Republic, Express, J.Crew at being some of the best places to grab some well priced basics. Shopping there is like having a cheat sheet to Pret-a-Porter.

Hope I was able to help you out, stay tuned for more tips on being your hottest self!

Shopping for Pret-a-Porter