Swag Test: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuos Mascara

photo courtesy of Maybelline

The Tents for Fashion Week may be gone but what shall remain is all the swag. You name the company and you better believe, there was some sort of tester or gigantic size of a product in a goody bag. Right now my favorite of all the swag has to be MaybellineCheck Spelling's Lash Stiletto Voluptuous. Maybelline, is a major sponsor to Mercedes -Benz Fashion Week and has been for some time. Their presence was major at the tents, tons of freebies, super sexy girls and a cool lounge to cool your 5 inch heels. I may have told you but I don't really have super long lashes. God passed me over on that one. It hasn't killed me but with my love for eye make up it would have been a great perk. My mom and I call it the curse, and for that we are constantly on the search for great mascaras, and we refuse to get fake lashes, I just don't see myself in them. I just can't, with the allergies and the Clarabelle the cow jokes, falsies are for very very special occasions. In the meantime, one nice long stroke of Stiletto Voluptuous and I look like my cousin Kerry who has the best lashes in my family. Just one full turn and my lashes are thick, and long and sexy. I can do a super smokey eye and not fear that my lashes will fade into the darkness. Maybelline wins some super cool points and Stiletto Voluptuous has now joined my make-up bag family. Best part, Maybelline is carried at every drug and big box store so you'll have no problem picking it up. Now I'm off to wink at everyone with my long lashes. I wasn't born with it, it's definitely Maybelline!