The Bluest Eye Part Two

I'm in a love triangle and I have been keeping it a secret for a while. My first love is DiorShow Mascara in Azure Blue. My second is Nars Eyeliner Stylo in Blue Bayou. They both make me feel soft and pretty and funky all at once. I can't leave home without either or. The DiorShow Mascara makes my lashes a funky cobalt blue with just one coat. It's a great kick when you don't feel like doing major eye makeup. One coat and your lashes look like a night in Rio- looves it.

Now for super drama and a real kick up the notch, Nars' Eyeliner Stylo is the bomb. It's like a felt tip marker in a kick ass color. For just a dab of pop, you can do one lid or the other for all out drama do both your top and bottom lid. You know I am a sucker for any makeup with color and I guess I'm a sucker for love! Head over to your local Sephora to bag these bluesy products.