Let Your Ears Do The Talking!

I loooove a dramatic shoulder grazing earring, it's my m.o. Sometimes I plan my outfits around my earrings. A cute earring can be the greatest contributor to an outfit. Accessories are what truly defines your personality and well my earrings say, big, bold, brash and fake as all hell! Earrings just seem to find me whereever I go! I have an amazing beaded pair found on the streets of Milan and the must complex hoops ever, found around the corner from my house. My two main criteria, unique and cheap and one of my favorite spots is of course is Forever 21. Rarely do I pay more than $10 for a pair of earrings and I usually get thousands of compliments. Take a look at these pairs that I have got my eye on.

Linda Lacquer Earrings $4.80

These sleek vintage inspired drops are great for evening. They give a bold kick to an otherwise safe outfit. If you have a cropped locks or even a soft chignon, this pair will have a great stage to work with.

Rhinestone Pineapple Earrings $5.80

I love organic jewelry. Organic being that it represents something from the Earth. The pineapples above show you can have fun with fashion, the rhinestones add a campy twist.

Vivianne Jewel Earrings $5.80

These faux blings are real stunners. The colors are amazing a true throw back to glamour.

See guys all of these super great pieces are all under $6 and they look a helluva lot pricier. So head out and get a pair of bold earrings to let the world know you're not afraid to love fashion!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I will be hitting them up soon!! I like them all...I've paid some change for my earrings, but there is nothing like cheap & chic :)