Spring Style The LWD

Counting down to Spring and wondering what you should add to your wardrobe? Well, the little white dress is a must have for your Spring/Summer Wardrobe. I know what you are thinking about white. Stop whining that white makes you look fat and it gets dirty quickly. Take those negative thoughts and keep in mind that white looks rich, it looks heavenly and it gives you depth. The Little White Dress was all over the runway and just like it's polar opposite, The Little Black Dress, it's versatility is what makes it a wardrobe necessity. Of course, I did a little research for you and found three LWD that will kick your Spring wardrobe up quite a few heavenly notches.

Florizia Special Occasion Dress $79

For your next special occasion this dress should be worn. It's fun and sexy without going overboard. Under $100 you can't go wrong with this LWD!

BCBG Long Sleeve Jersey $178

Jersey is a sexy fabric that drapes your figure so well. This long sleeve number can go from day to night and can go from Spring to Summer to Fall.

J.Crew One Shouldered Sheath$138

The shoulder is the new cleavage! This asymmetrical sheath screams Summer time shimmy.

The Little White Dress will really kick up your Spring wardrobe. I am hoping to see more white this coming Spring.