Sunny Days Ashy Legs

I loathe what this time of the year does to my skin. When Spring is trying to break from Winter's oppressive air, my skin really suffers. I blame it on the change of weather sort of shocking my body. Animals shed their winter coats, maybe that's what I am doing. In order for one to prevent Ashy Larry status, I have found a sort of non sticky non greasy resolution to my Spring fever skin issue.

Yeah, that's a whole lot to say but it's the truth if your skin is feeling itchy, flaky and dry. La Roche, for short has become part of my daily routine. Formulated with the same moisture replenishing lipids found in human skin, it's a rich conditioning skin treatment that leaves no residue. Did you hear me, no greasy residue that causes those horrid stains on your clothes. Nor does it stay on top of your skin. Your skin drinks it up and goes to work. I've considered this product to be my savior. Now, I can transition into the Spring without worrying about my skin looking like I work in a bakery. Thank you La Roche, thank you!