Yep, I'm on that Creamy Crack

Okay, I need a haircut, well before a haircut, I need to touch up my roots and well, before I touch up my roots I have to buy my kit and before I do that, I have to find out what I am going to do with my haircolor. Yeah, it's bad, but I have a plan and I just have to work the plan. First off, I need to get a touch up like yesterday. Back in '09 which was the last time I had a touch up I used and fell in loove with PhytoRelaxer. Yep, I'm on that creamy crack and I love it! Now, if I could just get over to Ricky's to purchase it, and I'll be good!

PhytoRelaxer is not for the cheap, it retails at around $55 but it is a very good relaxer. You know how post relaxer, your hair feels sort of brittle and not as strong, well that doesn't happen with this product. Here's a little pre relaxer tip: Coat your entire scalp with an oil such as Argan, Coconut, Olive, Almond or Palm Nut. The oil protects your scalp and is an added conditioner. It works wonders!

Back to the creamy crack, with it's low ph it isn't as harsh on hair as a majority of the relaxers on the market. In addition, to the relaxer, you get some really great pre and post conditioning products that you can use a few times after the relaxer. Well guys, I'm off to hit up my dealer and purchase my creamy crack, pray for me when I sit in the chair tomorrow!