Make A Neck Statement

It's all about the statement necklace. No, I am not talking about looking like Ghostface Killa or T.Pain. No custom made Jesus pieces from Jacob. Costume jewelry is more of my liking, my bank is in no shape or form getting me into Jacob anytime soon. Plus honestly, a big old skittle looking pendant would clash with oh too many of my outfits. Don't let your lack of a video on B.E.T. keep you away from a statement necklace. Think fashion forward and less Young Money and you'll be fine. A great necklace can make the dullest outfit pop. Let's not even mention how it becomes a conversation piece. I did some research for you on one of my favorite international websites ASOS. Here are my top three picks that are all of course wallet friendly. Take a look and get your statement on!

Multi link Jeweled Pendant $33.82

The antique vibe is what struck my cord but the best part is the $33.82 price.

Add a touch of tribal to an otherwise blah outfit.

Clock Pendant $13.53

You'll get tons of Flavor Flav meets vintage comments but it's still a classic timepiece.

Anonymous said...

Luv them!