Out With The New, In With The Old!

I am on this whole vintage resurgence. Thrift Stores, Brooklyn Flea, EBay and I am rereading Alligators, Old Mink & New Money by one of my favorite vintage boutique owners, Alison Houtte of the famous Hooti Couture. Ali is a real hoot, no pun intended, her story is an amazing one of modeling, thrifting and having fun while looking fab! I had a friend who told me that every item of clothing I have has a story behind it. Well in Alligators and Old Mink, Alison is able to tell not only stories on individual pieces but entire wardrobes. If you want a great fashion story plus tips on shopping vintage, Alligators, Old Mink & New Money is a great book.

Speaking of vintage, pictured here is a new EBay purchase. It's classic and chic, my two major reasons for loving vintage. The animal print linen swing coat had some button issues, which is easy to take care of. I call this my Grace Kelly coat!!