Warm Weather Wardrobe Classics: The White Jacket

photo courtesy of White House/ Black Market

Nothing defines warm weather chic like a white jacket. Usually in either linen or cotton and in a traditional cut of a blazer, the white jacket symbolizes all that is great about summer fashion. Okay, I sound a little dramatic, but whether you have a short summer like here in New York or year round warm weather like Los Angeles and Miami you will find that the die hard fashionistas love a great white jacket.

The beauty of The White Jacket , TWJ for short, is its ability to upgrade any summer outfit. It can make the most casual outfit look not only sophisticated and elegant but also professional and chic. White is a color that defines luxury, probably due to the fact it has to be handled with care which carries a price tag. Nonetheless, the jacket shown above by White House Black Market has a pretty good price tag $49. Along with the loving the price , the tuxedo collar gives additional swag taking you from the office to night time, with very little change. It's very Casino Royale/French Riviera on a more Atlantic City Boardwalk budget. TWJ is the magic piece for your Summer wardrobe. Hit up your favorite stores and make TWJ a priority on your shopping list. TWJ will make you oh so very very chic, but just make sure to thank me later!