Meet Jack Rogers

photo courtesy of Sandal World

Every summer for the past ten years I take up a very lovely affair with Jack Rogers. I know you are like who the hell is Jack Rogers? Let me cut to the chase, Jack Rogers is a brand of leather braided sandals that are loved by the Palm Beach/Capri/Brooklyn fashion set. The Jack Roger Navajo Sandal has been around for over fifty years, yes fifty. Like white jeans and Polo's, it's deemed an American fashion classic. My first pair were pink and green and I was very often mistaken for a soror when I was really channelling my imaginary life in Palm Beach. When those ran it's course my Mom, the original bargain lover, scouted some on sale and picked up two pairs. After four summers in a row, they are on life support, and I don't think they will make it for Summer of 2010.

Why Jack Rogers you ask? Well simply, it is a well crafted and sophisticated piece of shoe. It's not Blahnik but when it comes to looking chic and casual in the warm months, I have found that the Navajo pictured above, will only do. Add to the fact it was a favorite shoe of one of my style icons, Jackie O so maybe I am a little biased, just maybe.