Now You Lay Me Down To Sleep

Everyone has a daytime beauty routine, well almost everyone. My question is what is your nighttime routine? My beauty routine can be very very inconsistent but I try very hard to wash my face before I hit my pillow. With all the grime and free radicals in the atmosphere, a clean face is a necessity. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Once the body goes into true sleep mode, cells especially skin cells replenish and rebuild.

Skin Cosmetica Calming Chamomile Toner $35.00

Skin Cosmetica Calming Chamomile Toner is one of the best skin preps on the market. I have used toner in the past, actually I was a toner addict throughout high school. What I never liked about toner was that it dried you out. Which can be just as harmful for your skin as oil. I was very reluctant but, I did, a gift bag will do that to you. I gave it a shot, poured a small amount on a cotton ball and applied to my face. I followed up with Argan Oil and hit the sack. Next morning, I was happy no overnight pimples, just a nice fresh glow. This is my new routine, Toner and Argan Oil and I am pretty happy, I even get a few compliments first thing in the morning and ladies, we know that is hard to come by.