Sex in The Summer

No doubt Summer is here, I could of told you that on Wednesday. However, the sort of unofficial kick off to Summer is Memorial Day. Besides grilling, wearing white and lying poolside a majority of my friends are heading to the movie theaters this weekend to check out Sex and the City 2. I've seen the previews and I don't see that much sex but I did see great clothes and so it should really be called Shop and the City. I am actually holding off from seeing it this weekend, I'll wait until the crowds die down and then bear witness to all the magnificent clothes.

On to greater news, next week I'll be kicking off Beauty Month. Yes, Beauty Month will be product reviews give-aways, tips and some great interviews with bloggers, celebrities and top industry pros. Stay tuned cuz it's gonna be a beautiful month!

Have a great three day weekend everyone and pop in on Tuesday when we kick off Beauty Month!