Tested On Film Stars, Not On Animals

I have tried a new hair care line and I feel great inside and out. Why did I say inside? Well, the beauty industry can be brutal in regarads to animal testing and I will admit, I haven't been the most diligent in finding out which products do and don't test on animals. Well, I have found one and yes, I am happy to have it as part of my hair care routine.

The Tara Smith line carried in Duane Reade is loved by Demi Moore whose hair I loooove. I actually used the Feed The Root conditioner before shampoo. Just slathered on my hair and let it sit, usual pre-poo routine. Headed over to the salon, to get a full wash and set and handed over my Feed The Root shampoo which has tea tree oil, one of my favorite beauty ingredients. The smell was great, and the lady washing my hair actually loving the cute green container, Earth friendly as well.

My hair came out soft and it had a nice light fragrance. It also was easy to comb out, a simple run thru with a large tooth comb, not the usual.My scalp was super clean but not stripped. Tara Smith is my new hairstylist via Duane Reade so you know it's great for my wallet. If you are looking for products that are Earth friendly, cruelty free and even Vegan friendly, Tara Smith haircare line is for you.