Blinging Bronze Body

Do you ever wonder how celebs get that golden shimmer? Their legs and shoulders glistening but far from tanorexic. I have a little recipe for getting those golden legs and the main ingredient is Scott Barnes Body Bling.
If you salivate over J.Lo's San Juan glow, the only person you have to thank is Scott Barnes. Make-up artist extraordinaire, Barnes originally formulated Body Bling out of a mini blender in his kitchen. Fast forward to 2010 and it's one of the most popular bronzers used by professionals. Unlike self tanner, which can leave you icky and tangerine like, Body Bling is deeper and can be reapplied as well as washed off with no issue. I'm so addicted, I even have a ritual to have the blingiest body. Check out my recipe below:

What You Will Need:
Body Exfoliant shown above Hollywood Beauty Apricot Scrub
Exfoliating Gloves shown above Bath Secrets Gloves
Apply Exfoliant on gloves, work into a lather and polish skin evenly. Shower, do not apply any lotion after. Pat dry with towel. Massage Body Bling into skin liberally. For a deeper glow, re-apply and let lotion dry follow by washing hands.
On a steamy summer night, I guarantee that Body Bling will make all the boys come to the yard.