Blocking The Sun

Black does crack, matter fact it leathers and gets sun damage and worse it also gets skin cancer. Loving sunny days is very normal, but the Sun is more a frenemy than a cool homegirl. UVA and UVB rays do significant long term harm to our largest organ, our skin and we need to protect it not only in the summer but year round. However, the Sunblock used on our body can be too harsh for our face. Sunblock related breakouts can kill your sexy and it also makes many people, hold off on protecting their face which is a major no no!

Nature's Gate Face Block Sunscreen Lotion

Nature's Gate Face Block is the solution. It has all of the ingredients to block harmful rays, but is also lacking of the ingredients that can cause havoc on our complexions'. Labeled fragrance and paraben free made my ears perk up, those two ingredients are known to cause zits. It also doesn't leave that weird sunscreen ash you see on Lifeguards. Like all sunblock, you reapply every two hours or after extreme perspiration or swimming. You can moisturize all you want, those warm rays can make you put years on your mug. Now with Nature's Gate Face Block, you won't have any more excuses for avoiding sunscreen.