Finger Paint

I'm a fierce creature of habit, and I limit my manicures to pale pinks and neutrals. This being Beauty Month and all, I wanted to try something new, and I likey. Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color in 3D has converted me and I am addicted. The pic above doesn't do it justice. Living up to it's name, this patented formula has liquid crystals and dense pigment. I was hesitant when I was buying it but, I threw caution to the wind and gave myself a little Summer color boost. I can't stop looking at my hands. A little color can go a long way.
Sally Hansen Hi Def Nail Polish can be purchased at your local drugstore. For a store locator and to view more color options click here.
Unknown said...

I feel you on the pale pinks and neutrals, especially with nails, I feel like color is a waste of time! I like the hue that you chose, it was perfect and not to extreme!!