Green Tea Party

One can only be beautiful for so long if one is not healthy. I thought I'd kick today off with a beauty tip that also deals with your health. For the last four years, I have been praising the benefits of green tea. I believe that green tea, has helped in stabilizing my metabolism as well as cleansing my body of toxins. Making for healthy skin or so I believe. Studies have shown that long term consumption of green tea reduces cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, dental cavities, and some cancers.

Green Tea has also become a recognized additive in everything from shampoos, to body lotions. It's properties have a calming affect in addition to an ability to rid body of free radicals, making it great for skincare as well. Scientists and beauty experts are always praising some rare plant but, green tea has been around for ages. If you look at the health and longevity of cultures that consume green tea, you would be very wise to follow their steps. I'm off to grab myself another cup, have you had yourself a cup of green tea today?