I Feel Pretty: Ling Skincare Spa Review

The Triple Peel Facial at Ling Skincare Spa is part vanity, part epiphany, part makeover. I was but a poor weak soul, running around with my face not at it's full potential but, with the help of Ling Skincare, I am no longer in the dark. On a quiet side street away from the skateboarders and vendors of Union Square, Ling Skincare Spa sits. When you open the doors, it's sort of a tranquil sanctuary that drives out all that crazy going on outside.

After checking in, filling out a questionnaire and finally disrobing, I was wrapped in warm sheets and Mary, my facialist, went to work with a very detailed series of events to clean, nourish, detox and rehydrate my skin. The Triple Peel Facial combines a series of peels beginning with a glycolic peel, then a papaya enzyme peel that digests dirt and antioxidants and ending with an acid free rescue peel which unlocks the bonds of unhealthy skin cells.

Just when I thought that was over, Mary began the extractions. While I maintained my composure, Mary painstakingly began to remove blackheads and excess oil from each pore. I got nervous, I'd heard stories of people who leave from facials, their faces irritated from extractions. The worrywart in me decided to leave it up to higher power. I did ask questions along the way, I am a beauty geek I can't help myself. Post extractions, I was ready for a series of masks beginning with an Herbal Clay Mask, that firms and tightens your pores. Next, was the Ginseng Herbal Moisturizing Mask which sooths the irritation that may have occurred and closing with the Rice Therapy Mask, which is a rehydrator for my face.

How did I like it, well to be honest I realized, I've been living a lie. I have always thought my skin was pretty good and my pores were small, that was far from the truth. Mary's work made me look like I had the skin of a two year old combined with a post orgasmic glow after coming back from a much deserved vacation. Not only could I not stop looking at myself, I couldn't bring myself to put on any make-up. I was so enamored with the results, I refused to mess up Mary's work. As an added bonus, Mary gave me a detailed instructions for my at home care as well as some goodies. I am hoping to do as good of a job as Mary, key word hope.

Ling Skincare Spa

12 East 16th Street

New York, NY